Peripera Choco Choco Brow Mascara

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USD 7.93  
2015-02-04 | GD00016009
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Volume : 5.5ml
Product Description :
Brow mascara with containing white pearl.
Give volume and texture to the eyebrows.

How to use
1.Control the amount, straighten brush and apply.
2.Brush eyebrows. When content is on skin, use cotton buds to remove.


Intructions for use
1.If you have any symptoms described below when using this product, stop using the product.
If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse; therefore, consult with dermatologist.
1)If red blotch, skin irritation, and stimulation occur.
2)If applied spots have any symptoms mentioned above and are exposed to direct sunlight.

2.Do not use on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis.
3.Instructions for storage and handling
1) Close the cap after use.
2) Keep out of reach of infants and children.
3) Do not store in a place with high and low temperature and direct sunlight.
4) Do not use the product in a shaky place.
5) If it contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately.



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