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      How is a shipping fee set? 

      Shipping fee is set according to the weight of the parcel and the destination.
      If you put items you want to order and "Save",
      you can check shipping fee for each shipping method.




      Customs & Value on the Package

      Please inquire of relevant customs because customs are different in each country. Please notice that you can write down the price you want on
      "Value on the package" while making an order.



      1:1 Service

      If you have inquiries, please use "My Account - 1:1 service".
      We will get back to you in 48 hrs.





      All items are counted on Hanteo Chart!



      Delay in Delivery 

      If not arrived in 7 to 15 days after an order is completed, shipping may have been delayed depending on international shipping
      circumstances of each country.
      Please use 1:1 service with your order number
      if your package has not arrived after 15 days.

      (But, in case of Non-Registered Small Packet, tracking is not available; ask local post office or customs.)




      Editing Order Information 

      Change of address is possible only before shipping starts. Please check the address of the destination, items, and number of items when making an order. Return or editing is not possible after shipping has started.
      If you want to edit Info, please leave the correct address info at 1:1 service with order number.



      Shipping Date

      Pre-order items will be shipped out after they are in stock and prepared
      after releasing date. If you have made an order with pre-order items and
      other items together, they will be shipped in batches at the same date.
      Releasing date can be changed depending on
      the circumstances of manufacturer.




      Non-Registered Small Packet (Air)
      Shipping Delay Notice


      Please notice that if you order your package by Non-registered Small Packet(Air),
      Shipping cost is non-refundable in any case.
      If Non-registered Small Packet(Air) is lost during delivery,
      it is non-refundable because it is not covered by insurance. Please Note it!




      How can we track the shipping
      according to each method?

      You can check the status of your package with a tracking number at
       -> Click this Tracking Site

      If it shows a different destination, it can be a stop spot so please do check.
      You can check your tracking number by clicking on the relevant order at
      [ My account - Shipping list ] 

      (Non-Registered Small Packet cannot be tracked
      and are non-refundable when being lost
      because it does not have a tracking number!)